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Latest company new about Waterless Offset Printing

Waterless Offset Printing

Waterless offset printing by silicone oil coating to repel ink, do not need fountain solution, do not use water, alcohol or alcohol-based liquid, is a kind of green printing technology, and high-quality printing.   The advantages of waterless offset printing as bellow: Environmentally friendly waterless offset printing do no use water so no waste water treatment. Waterless offset printing plate processing process to reduce or eliminate the use of solvents and chemicals, VOCs emissions are small. Relative to a water-based offset, waterless offset printing machine noise is relatively low. high-quality printing high resolution of waterless offset, suitable for small dot random FM screen printing; Because there is no role of fountain solution, network expansion to reduce the increase in color density, overprint more easily. Waterless offset printing also increases the color gamut space, making the color more rich and eye-catching. Continuous consistent ink density, printing speed can not be affected, the printing color concentration remains unchanged. Improved production efficiency Waterless offset printing without dampening solution and fountain, water roller system, reducing printing costs. Do not need to adjust the ink balance, you can also save time and increase production efficiency. Overprint and color difference easy to control, reducing the waste in the production process; Continuous and stable quality, a very short time after boot up to meet the design requirements, reducing paper consumption. Equipment structure is simple, easy to operate, operators do not need training, quick and easy operation.
Latest company new about Four Tips to Ensure High Quality Lamination Work

Four Tips to Ensure High Quality Lamination Work

  Four Tips to Ensure High Quality Lamination Work   1. The thickness of the plastic film (BOPP) used for the coating should be about 0.1mm -0.22mm, transparency reaching more than 90% and small heat shrinkage rate. So it is necessary to check lamination film roll shelf life before running on the laminating machine: symmetrical coating layer, excellent surface that shall not be scratched, crushed, or without impurities, stains and so on.   2. According to the need to cover the size of the product, choose a different width of the plastic film. At the same time should be adjusted according to the requirements of the product side of the regulation, according to the thickness of the paper to adjust the gap of the feed roller, adjust the guide film roll, and plastic film on both sides of the same tension, plastic film in the process of smooth surface without wrinkles. 3. The film is not allowed to transfer the process of conveying paper, the adhesive glue will never be covered with plastic film parts transferred to the rubber roller roller, with the growth of time, stay in the rubber roller roller The amount of glue gradually increased, the viscosity also increased, the accumulation of rubber rubber roller on the adhesive glue on the printed material will produce a certain strength of the tensile strength, resulting in the film of the local tensile deformation of the film wrinkles. 4. The film operation of the pressure roller and the heating roller to keep the roller, the heating roller mirror surface to be clean, both sides of the pressure balance roller rotation to be flexible. The application of the coating roller is correct and the adhesive is applied evenly. Pressure roller installation should be smooth, to ensure that the printed surface of the same force. In the course of mechanical operation will be subject to change at any time, failure, the operator must pay attention to observe, so early detection of early detection.  
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