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Company News About Five packaging trends of 2018

Five packaging trends of 2018

Five packaging trends of 2018

Mintel, the world's leading market research company, recently released five global packaging trends that will affect the next few years.


Environmental friendly package

Consumers have long believed that packaging is unnecessary and ultimately wasted by consumers. But that misconception is now changing. The innovation of packaging is to prolong the freshness of food, protect food ingredients and ensure the safety of delivery.

Packaging will play an important role in reducing global food and product waste.


Electronic packaging

More and more consumers accept shopping on line, packaging will play a key role in the e-business experience between brands and consumers. Online brands need to consider their packaging to enhance the shopping experience of their electronic consumption.


Clean Label

The clean and concise packaging information delivered by the brand will be sought after by consumers who like minimalism.


Protect the Ocean

Brands can begin to contribute to Marine environmental protection from packaging, and will affect the next generation of this circular economy.


Modern packaging

Modern design, recyclable and unique shapes can also appeal to young consumers. Brands will be looking at the modern packaging to get young consumers to look at the less frequented aisles.


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