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What is hot stamping foil

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What is hot stamping foil
Latest company news about What is hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil is a kind of hot stamping material which is made by coating and vacuum evaporation on film base and adding a layer of metal foil. The thickness of hot stamping foil is generally (12,16,18,20)micron, standard roll is 640mm(width)*120m(length).


Hot stamping foil generally has five layers, inclouding the base film layer, release layer, color layer, aluminum layer and adhesive layer.


The base film layer is general use of 16μm thick biaxially oriented polyester film; the main role is to support attached to the top coating and easy hot stamping process when the continuous action. The base film should have a strength, tensile strength, high temperature performance.


The main component of the release layer is a silicone resin, its main role is in the stamping, whether it is heated or pressurized, it will make the pigment, aluminum, glue layer, can be quickly separated from the film was transferred to bond the surface to be hot-stamped


Color layer can display color and protect the hot stamping on the surface of the aluminum plate graphic is not oxidized.


The main function of the aluminum layer is to reflect the light, changing the color of the color layer and rendering it shiny.


Adhesive layer generally fusible thermoplastic resin through the coating machine on the aluminum layer, the adhesive layer after drying.


Hot stamping foil is widely use in Paper Industry, Plastic Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Artificial Leather / Textiles, 3C Products & Appliances, Credit Cards, Books, Bookbinding

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