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Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Fujian, China
Brand Name: AFP
Certification: FDA, REACH, EN 71-3, CPSIA
Model Number: Matte Laminating Film

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Ton (2,000kgs)/Trial Order Negotiable
Price: USD2220.00/Ton ~ USD2380.00/Ton
Packaging Details: 1-One roll one carton with plastic caps protection; 2-Tens of rolls a pallet; 3-Ten pallets a 20FCL
Delivery Time: 15 – 25 working days a 40GP
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 850Tons per month

Product Detail

Detailed Product Description

Material: BOPP + EVA Type: BOPP Thermal Laminating Film
Softness: Soft Thickness: 18micron 21micron 25micron Etc.
Transparency: Transparent Roll Size: 495mm*3000m 600mm*3000m Etc.
Corona: Double Sides Over 38 Dynes Paper Core: 1 Inch (25.4mm) 3″(76mm)
Technology: Multiple Extrusion Usage: Printed Paperboard Or Paper Laminate
High Light:

matte pet film

laminating roll film

Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic

Elegant MattLamination Hot Film

Double Corona Treatment valued 42dynes

Excellent Performance at UV Spot and Hot Stamping!




Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


What’s BOPP Thermal Lamination Film?


BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is mainly made of BOPP + EVA.

we use the extrusion coating process to combine this two layers.

in the final film one side has properties of BOPP film and the other side becomes a heat sensitive surface used for dry lamination.

this product has two classifications: glossy/shine/transparent and matte/opaque both of which sees thickness from 14micron to 32micron.

its width could be from 180mm to 1880mm and length from 150m (1 inch core 25mm) to 4000m (3 inch core 76mm).

Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


Where is BOPP Thermal Laminating Film Used?


the application of BOPP Thermal Laminating Film can be used to the followings:

  • Textbook covers | Brochures | Leaflets | Sweet boxes | Cosmetics | Shopping | bags Diaries

Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


How to Use BOPP Thermal Lamination Film?


We need a laminating machine (usually called hot laminator) to use BOPP Thermal Laminating Film by melting the EVA into substrates such as paper.

during the process the film is passed on a heated roller and under reasonable pressure it sticks to the paper.

this process is easy to use and can be done at home for small applications.

sometimes people also call it heat lamination or dry lamination or hot lamination.


Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


Operation Guidance


1. Adjust roller pressure and temperature according to different types of paper and ink.
2. When using the film for the first time or changing the usual size a small trial volume before starting massive lamination is proposed.
3.The normal process temperature is 90C-105C (203F – 221F) roller pressure and temperature varyfromdifferent types of paper ink and machines.
4. Make sure the ink is dry before laminating. It will delaminate when the paper contains too muchmoisture or powder.
5. Make sure to put the material in place with low temperature and dry.
6. The following situation will affect the final quality of the film during lamination.
a. Using metal ink
b. Ink containing too much wax dried oil adhesive silicon additive and so on.
c. Much too thick ink
d. Ink completely not dried yet.
e. Much too humid paper sheet.
f. Too much powder on the surface
















Thickness(u m) BOPP 12 micron 12 micron 12 micron 15 micron 12 micron 15 micron 15 micron
EVA 6 micron 9 micron 13 micron 10 micron 8 micron 10 micron 12 micron
TOTAL 18 micron 21 micron 25 micron 25 micron 20 micron 25 micron 27 micron
Yield m²/kg 61.275 52.247 43.668 43.956 56.433 45.147 41.615
kg/m² 0.0163 0.0191 0.0229 0.0228 0.0177 0.0222 0.0240
Customized thickness- combination available (15 micron to 30 micron glossy and matte)Price by MT or square meter available

Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


You are able to place an order of BOPP Thermal Lamination Film like this:

Glossy 22micron (12BOPP+10EVA)

350mm(13.8″) x 3000m(9843′) x 30rolls (weight 654.60kgs = 21.82kgs x 30rolls square meter 31500m²)

445mm(17.5″) x 3000m(9843′) x 20rolls (weight 554.80kgs = 27.74kgs x 20rollssquare meter 26700m²)

Matte 25micron (15BOPP+10EVA)

350mm(13.8″) x 3000m(9843′) x 30rolls (weight 719.70kgs = 23.99kgs x 30rollssquare meter 31500m²)

445mm(17.5″) x 3000m(9843′) x 20rolls (weight 610.00kgs = 30.50kgs x 20rollssquare meter 26700m²)

TOTALLY 100 rolls weight 2539.10kgs square meter 116400m²

Most popular specification & roll weight of BOPP Thermal Laminating Film
Measure Type 18 micron(12 BOPP+6EVA) 22 micron(12 BOPP+10 EVA) 25 micron(12 BOPP+13 EVA)

25 micron

(15 BOPP+10 EVA)

350mm * 3000m Glossy/Shine/Brillante 17.87 kgs/roll 21.82 kgs/roll 24.78 kgs/roll 24.62 kgs/roll
Matte/Dull 17.37 kgs/roll 21.31 kgs/roll 24.27 kgs/roll 23.99 kgs/roll
445mm * 3000m Glossy/Shine/Brillante 22.72 kgs/roll 27.74 kgs/roll 31.50 kgs/roll 31.30 kgs/roll
Matte/Dull 22.08 kgs/roll 27.10 kgs/roll 30.86kgs/roll 30.50kgs/roll
500mm * 3000m Glossy/Shine/Brillante 25.53 kgs/roll 31.17 kgs/roll 35.40 kgs/roll 35.17 kgs/roll
Matte/Dull 24.81 kgs/roll 30.45 kgs/roll 34.68kgs/roll 34.27kgs/roll
600mm * 3000m Glossy/Shine/Brillante 30.63 kgs/roll 37.40 kgs/roll 42.48 kgs/roll 42.21 kgs/roll
Matte/Dull 29.77 kgs/roll 36.54 kgs/roll 41.61kgs/roll 41.13kgs/roll
700mm * 3000m Glossy/Shine/Brillante 34.73 kgs/roll 43.64 kgs/roll 49.56 kgs/roll 49.24 kgs/roll
Matte/Dull 42.63 kgs/roll 42.63 kgs/roll 48.55kgs/roll 47.98kgs/roll


Features of BOPP Thermal Laminating Film


As an environment-friendly product BOPP Thermal Laminating Film features as below:

#1 Healthy Lamination Process

It is non-hazardous to health and safety to be used for being without toxic gases nor volatile content.

It is also safe during the laminating process due to no solvent-based adhesive used.

#2 Easy Operation

It requires no action of using and blending the rubber solvent diluent and so on which is much easier during handling and cost-saved compared with the old way.

No special technique required just laminate when the temperature gets adequate.

It is recommended to laminate the film with a dry laminator. Just small adjustment to the machine needed if the film is laminated with the wet laminator.

#3 High Efficiency and Energy-saving

Production cost is substantially reduced due to no wastage of film generated no mixing of adhesive no coating and drying processes nor UV heating lamp required.

#4 Outstanding Function and Effect

It enhances the finished item’s value through high transparency and super luster finish.

Preventing lamination from being pressed bubbled and desquamated.

Protected from harmful substances and water-proof ensuring a long life storage for the printings.

Particularly matte BOPP Thermal Lamination Film is good for UV varnishing and hot stamping.


Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


Shipping & Packaging

*One Roll bopp matt thermal lamination film One carton

*Tens of rollsof bopp thermal lamination filmin a pallet

*10 to 12 pallets loaded into 1*20FCL (appro. 13MTs)

*Or 20 to 22 pallets loaded into a 40 feet container (appro. 25MTs)

*Seaport: Xiamen Shanghai Ningbo

Airbags Used for Protecting the Pallets from Collision When Container is Loading…


Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic


Our Service

In order to guarantee high product quality we carry out a very strict management principle all the times.

Every detail of processing is well controlled with special attention.

In case of a bad roll found we will make compensation as responsibility.


bopp lamination film



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Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or PlasticMatte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic



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Matte Lamination Film/BOPP Thermal/Dry Lamination Film for Paper or Plastic



BOPP Thermal Lamination Film Data Sheet.pdf




CERTIFICATE of EN 71-3.pdf

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