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Green Blister Varnish


Green Blister Varnish

  • Categories:
  • Polishing & Blister
  • Brand:
  • Huanyuan
  • Model:
  • AFP-X8404
  • Viscosity:
  • 1500-2500 mPa.s (25°C)
  • Appearance:
  • Yellow to deep yellow thick liquid
  • Ingredient:
  • Solvent-based high-molecular polymerized Resin
  • Standard:
  • Toy security and health
  • Package:
  • By Golden iron can
  • Net Weight:
  • 16.00kgs
  • Shelf Life:
  • 1 year
  • Port:
  • Xiamen, China
  • Terms of Payment:
  • L/C,Western Union,T/T
  • Update Time:
  • 03-27-2015
Detailed Info

AFP-X8404 Green Blister Varnish

***Product profile
AFP-X8404 is a high quality blister varnish made mainly from high-molecular polymerized Resin. It has good performance onnormal PVC films, also works well for more environmental friendly PET film, with advantages like high gloss and good blistering performance. It meets the Toy Security and Health Standard,and has been certificated by SGS for heavy metal contents.

yellow to deep yellow thick liquid
Ingredient: solvent-based high-molecular polymerized Resin.
: 1500-2500 mPa.s (25°C) 

***Usage recommendation

1. Dilute the varnish by AFP’s thinner by ratio of 1:1. Toomuch thinner will decrease the gloss and blistering performance.
2. The coating weight of varnish depends on the paper quality. Normally to say,higher gloss can be gotten by higher coating weight.
3. Blistering performance is mainly affected by quality or type of paper. Atest is suggested before a scale-up run.

1. Surface performance for finished product can be various with paper. Even it is called the same batch or even the paperboar
d from the same stack, surface cannot be exactthe same.
So the blistering performance can be different, which is also affected by ink.
2. It is easy to be tacky or scratched for paper surface coated by thisproduct. Please pay attention to coated paper or card not to be stacked too high.
3. Coated materials should go to blistering process as soon as possible, or the heat seal
ability will decrease. Paper coated one month ago can be even notheat-sealable. For those
paper blistered, the performance keeps stable for long time.
4. Wet weather or low efficientventilation has negative impact for finished products
5. This product should be storedin shady, cool and dry place, and keep far away from fire or flame. Shelf lifeis one year under normal atmospheric temperature.
6. All the data above are based on experiments in lab, can be used only for reference
. Because of the varieties of paper, ink and process, customer needs to test the product beforeput it into using anddecides if it is applicable by himself.

1. Golden iron cans
2. Net weight: 16kg

Green Blister Varnish
  • Green Blister Varnish
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